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Regaining Use of Your Body After Injury - Our Bodies are Amazingly Resilient, and Strong!

Regaining Use of Your Body After Injury - Our Bodies are Amazingly Resilient, and Strong!

Erin Marsh | December 03, 20

When we have pain onset, or an injury occurs, often the pain and healing response takes some time. Time to allow us to feel like we can move normally or complete daily tasks again, or even just have some confidence to go about our day. Though it may not feel like it at the time you discover your situation, there is hope for you to be able to return to your pre-injury state. Even better, a Physiotherapist can help you return to a state even better than before your injury. This can be exactly what you need, to help prevent the same problem from happening again.

We know from last month's post that ROM(range of motion) can be a limiting factor in the beginning of rehabilitation, whether you move too much or not enough it can be a struggle to regain control. How much you move lays the foundation for practicing how well you can move. By strengthening the surrounding muscles of a joint, motion that was regained can become well-practiced and build up your ability to do certain tasks again. For example, if you have a partial tear to your rotator cuff in your shoulder, it may be necessary for you to regain motion by strengthening the neighboring muscles. These neighboring muscles will help assist the injured muscle as it continues to heal. A physiotherapist can pick out exercises that will work best for your pain and abilities, and keep you on track as you continue onward.

The funny thing about strength is that it doesn't happen overnight. It is accumulated every time you exercise a muscle. Think about it like 1% change every day, and over time the change becomes more and more noticeable. Strength is something that has to be maintained with exercise and movement as well. Think of the phrase,

" if you don't use it, you'll lose it!"

After a muscle is exercised, this signals our body to build up and repair the muscles so they are stronger the next time you use them.