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3D Gait Vicon Cameras

Do You “Walk the Walk?” - How 3D Gait Analysis Could Help YOU!


Bruce Stewart | May 12, 19

The Technology

3D Gait Vicon Cameras and Treadmill

The Set-Up

Calibration mat

What Does it Mean?

3D Gait Report

Have you ever wondered if your body is compensating when you walk or run and if these errors are wearing down your body? Do you think your running style or your running shoes could be affecting your body? You’re already the perfect candidate for a gait analysis if you’re keen to be proactive with your body.

The Technology:

Physiotherapist and owner Bruce Stewart has been utilizing the 3D Gait software from a partnership with University of Calgary Running Injury Clinic. This software runs by monitoring joint sensors through a series of Vicon cameras, which can tell us a lot of information about how you move.

How it works:

Markers are placed on the joints to capture data as the person walks and/or runs on the treadmill. It is calibrated to each person once they have been fitted with neutral shoes. The software then watches you run and is able to gives the physiotherapist a report about all your joints, on both halves of your body. It can tell us things such as injury risk at certain joints, or if one side is more vulnerable, where your asymmetries are, and if the major asymmetries are affecting the other joints nearby. What is great about this, is how it can be translated for each person’s needs. For some, they want to be able to hike a mountain or walk the coulees without achy knees and stiff ankles by the end. For an athlete training for an endurance race, it can aid in performance and eliminating energy leaks. And for those with an old injury it can give the physiotherapist a lot of insight into what may have contributed to the injury, and what parts of rehabilitation will benefit you most.

What the Gait Report Means:

Once we know what is going on it is easy to take step moving forward. That could mean changing the style of runner or hiking shoe you currently use, or adding in strength to the hips and more flexibility to the ankle. There are so many options and it is completely unique for each person I see.

As you can tell, the information we gain from the video analysis report can certainly help guide a plan moving forward. The great thing about this technology is that you can come see me, having a goal to achieve from the assessment, and we will be able to get answers right away. For someone seeing me without an injury, these subtle changes we make after the gait assessment can affect how they perform over their run/walk and how their body feels during and after. This can offload tissues being overused and alleviate annoying symptoms. It’s pretty cool how some clients can see me once and have this huge revelation about where the energy leaks have come from in their walking and running style.

The success I have had in the past with clients is by making the transition to the suggested new shoe style and strengthening program over a 6 month period. This gives the body enough time to accept the changes without creating compensation somewhere else.

Essentially, if you know what you’re looking to understand or have a result that you are looking for from a gait assessment, you will benefit from a 3D Gait Analysis session here at Fit Physio. Questions or concerns? Reach out to us on Facebook or check out our website www.fitphysiotherapy.ca

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